Using time clock software can save time, reduce hassles, reduce mistakes, and increase profitability.  But, it has to be quick and easy for employees to use, and it must be secure.

We offer a product from Hawkeye Technology, a Passport Software Company, that makes time transactions a breeze.  With TimeClick you can say goodbye to paper time cards.  And the best part?  The transaction will directly interface with Passport Payroll Time Worked, saving you time and money.

Take a look https://www.timeclick.com/

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Lock Your Windows Workstation

Isn’t Windows wonderful?

You can start your day with checking email messages.  Then, open PBS and research a payment or bill, or check an employee’s pay rate.  After doing that, you can open a browser and verify your bank account balance, then open your contact manager to retrieve an email address.  Within a few minutes, you might have a half dozen, or more, applications running at a time!

Isn’t Windows wonderful?

If your system is running securely, you entered a password to open each of those applications, right?  But now, you need to leave your desk for a few minutes.  Do you leave all of those secure applications open—for prying eyes?  Do you shut down all applications before you walk away?

Try this little know feature.  Hold down the window key, while the key is still depressed, press the “L”ock key. This will cause Windows to logout; however, all of the applications are still running in the background.  When you return to your desk, just log into Windows.


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Daily Internet Threats

Every day, someone tries to breach the security of a network somewhere.  Every single day.  So, how do you, a small business person, battle this onslaught?

I can recommend a few ideas for you.  First and foremost is to keep your software and systems updated.

Windows has a setting to automatically download and install updates from Microsoft.  On workstations, I recommend letting the computer automatically download and install the update.  For servers, it is best to let Windows automatically download the updates, but YOU decide when those updates get installed.

Keep your Internet security software up to date.  If yours does not automatically download and install updates daily, you are using the wrong system!  Malware is released constantly throughout the day and if you don’t update the databases at least once per day, you are doing too little to protect yourself.

Also, if your router and firewall are over three or four years old, it is time to replace those as well.

Contact your local information technology solutions provider to implement these ideas.

If interested, signup for a free, daily email highlighting today’s threats at https://threatpost.com/

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InfoServ #1 in Sales 2017

We’re number one!  Actually, our clients are number one!

In 2017, InfoServ sold more Passport Software, Inc. products and services than any other dealer on the planet.  While I’m not trying to toot my own horn, well maybe I am, it takes a team effort to do this.

Nancy Hawley in support takes care of our clients needs when it comes to support, installations, upgrades, and training.  Our programmer customizes the software to make it work specifically the way you want it to work.  The team in support at Passport backs us 100%. The programmers at Passport work tirelessly to deliver a quality product to your desk.  And finally, the management at Passport listen to their dealer base and customers to fine tune the product with added features that benefit your business.

From John Miller, President of Passport Software:

“I would like to thank you and your InfoServ team for your commitment to Passport Software; and congratulate you on leading all of the Passport Partners in sales for 2017!

Your dedication and efforts enrich your clients who receive personal attention from your whole team of consultants.  InfoServ is also Passport’s top Partner for manufacturing solution sales.  Your decades of experience in retail, wholesale, services, and now manufacturing make you a rare and truly gifted advisor to your clients as well as to Passport. And thank you for always bringing insight and wisdom to the Passport Board of Advisors meetings and for your contributions to Passport and the Passport Partner Community.”

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Managing Online Passwords

The old saying goes, “Pick a password that is easy to remember, but hard to guess.”  Well, that worked great in the old days, but today’s hackers are much more sophisticated.  What if I hold you that I have no idea, no idea what so ever, what my online passwords are?   No clue!

This is an example of what one of them might be: 1wBuqfZy5k7bKBpq0hGQ.  How do you like this one: &02AvBoqYiBa!a%46Gdr ?  Easy to remember?  Nope.  Hard to guess?  You bet.

Each online account I access has a different, unique, cryptic password similar to these.  So how does one manage dozens of different passwords?  I use a password manager.  With the password manager you have one password to get into the password manager, and the manager takes care of all the others.  Now, that password needs to be long, yet something that you can remember.  A good password might be something like “iwouldLOVEtovisitalaskaagain”.  Simple enough?

There are several password managers available with varying degrees of sophistication and costs.  The one I use is free unless you use some of the upper level features.  Take a look at https://www.lastpass.com/ as an example of what you can do.  There are many on the market.  Do your research and pick the one that is right for you and your organization.

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Company Policy Towards Internet Usage

Most of you probably have an employee handbook, right?  You remember, it contains things like standard work hours, defines what holidays the company observes, how vacations are earned and used.  Remember that thing?  When was the last time it was updated?

A lot has changed in the past ten years.  A LOT!  For example:  cell phones.  Did employees carry a cell phone when the handbook was last updated?  What does the company consider proper use of a personal cell phone during work hours?  Are managers expecting employees to reply to email and text messages after hours?  If the employee responds, is that consider working?  If it is considered working, are you going to pay them for their time?

How about Internet usage?  Is it okay for employees to place online orders for personal items while ‘on the clock?” Can they play “beat the clock” to order concert tickets for that hot, new band coming to town? Can they update their social media pages?  Bad-mouth the boss—by name?  What about look at pornography?  Hate sites? Political and religious sites?

All of these things might seem like they have an obvious answer, but do they? If your employee handbook does not mention these things and others, specifically, and you discipline the employee, you could be setting yourself up for a lawsuit.  If you need assistance in this area, feel free to contact my friends at Lapekas HR Consulting.  http://www.lapekashr.com/

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Keep x-Employee Email Account Alive

Did you know that email messaging has been around for almost fifty years?

When I was a young lad in college I was very shy when it came to women.  I was working as an intern computer programmer.  There was a gorgeous redhead working in the operations side.  One day I finally got the nerve to send her an email message, “want to go to lunch with me?”  Surprisingly, she replied, “Sure.”  Thirty-six years later I can still call her my favorite redhead and first (and only) wife!

What surprises me about business email is twofold:

  1. Some business let employees use personal email addresses for business.  If you have paid any attention to the news the past few years you can see what a mess that can create.  When an employee uses a personal email address you loose control over those messages.  You can’t intercept those messages if the employee leaves the company.  They still have direct contact with your suppliers, creditors, and customers.
  2. The second is when an employee leaves the company and uses a company email address, the IT administrator terminates the email address.   This basically cuts contact with suppliers, creditors, and customers!  Instead, forward all email messages to someone else in the company and auto-reply to the sender the new contact information for another employee.

Keep the lines of communications open and flowing freely.

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Interview with Kevin L. Bruner, President of InfoServ, Inc.

Business Playmakers interviewed Kevin L. Bruner, the President of InfoServ,  Inc.

Kevin is the founder and President of InfoServ and started his company in 1984 with encouragement from his wife who said, “As long as we can pay the bills,” and a belief that he could make mistakes better than others he had worked for. Kevin had originally gone to college to pursue a career in Accounting;  however, after realizing how boring and bland his professors were, he decided he didn’t want to be like them.

This change in career path was also because of an exciting new love Kevin started developing for computer technology. Computers were not like they are today where everyone essentially has a computer in their pocket, and Kevin found that he was very good at marketing this new and exciting product. In this episode you will learn about many topics as Kevin takes us on a journey through more than 35 years of business in a constantly evolving industry. Some of the best information is about sales, and especially networking.



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InfoServ Earns Award

Left to right, Muriel Miller, VP of Passport Software, Inc., Kevin L. Bruner, President of InfoServ, Inc. and John Miller, President of Passport Software, Inc.

InfoServ, Inc. was awarded the “Passport Update Program Leader Award” at a recent Passport Partner Summit held in Chicago, Illinois.

This award is presented to the Passport Business Solutions (PBS) partner with the highest percentages of clients current on their Passport Update Program (PUP).  PUP is an annual contract to provide updates to PBS accounting software including new features, compliance with new payroll and Affordable Care Act changes in the laws, and corrections to issues found with the software.

Kevin L. Bruner, president of InfoServ, Inc. said, “This award really isn’t about InfoServ.  It’s about the entire team.  The team consists of our client’s confidence in the product, their desire to obtain the latest technology, and their belief in the value of the product delivered by Passport.  The team consists of the programmers and analysts at Passport that provide the long hours of planning, execution of the plan and testing to deliver a high quality product.  Also included in the team are other Passport dealers that are involved in passing along ideas for new features from their clients and testing the product before it is released. The team  includes our support team as well.  These are the folks fielding the questions, providing professional training and tracking down solutions.”

If you are interested in migrating to Passport Business Solutions please contact InfoServ, Inc. We are happy to add you to our list of satisfied clients across America.


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What is the True Cost of Paper Time Cards?

Cost of Exaggerated Time – $1,461.12

In a Software Advice survey, 43 percent of employees admit to time theft through exaggerating their times on time cards and 25 percent submit more hours than they really worked 76 to 100 percent of the time.  Based on that survey the average employee exaggerates their time by 22 minutes per shift. With 10 employees working at a minimum of $10 per hour 250 days in a year, exaggerating time on shifts by even a few minutes adds up fast. The number above is the minimum cost paid by an employer each year for exaggerated employee times in this scenario.

You can use this free time theft calculator to get an estimate for how much employee time theft is costing you.

Wasted Time Calculating Employee Time Cards – $715.00

If a payroll manager working at an average of $30 per hour spends five to six minutes on each time card for 10 employees, this adds a minimum of $715 to your annual expenses. And this is only time spent calculating the time cards. In addition to these payroll costs, human error can cost up to 8 percent of your gross payroll according to the American Payroll Association (APA).

A Nucleus study of automating time keeping showed that when a form of automated timekeeping is purchased, elimination of payroll errors easily pays for the automated system. Many of those payroll errors start when an employee comes in to punch a paper card or write down their time. Misread handwriting, mistyped numbers, or deliberately rounded time in the employee’s favor happens and when it does, your payroll costs increase.

Automated Employee Time Tracking

Multiple options exist to accurately track your employees’ times. There are better ways to keep track of time than paper cards, ranging from biometric systems to badge readers and from web based to on premise solutions. Many automatic time tracking devices such as biometric or badge reading equipment often range between $450 and $6,000 depending on the equipment and system purchased. Software solutions are usually more affordable for small to medium sized businesses. Time and attendance software typically tracks and manages employee schedules, tracks employee hours, and monitors sick, vacation, and paid time off.

There are hundreds of time keeping software solutions. When looking for the best solution for your company, key things to consider are: is it accurate and does it offer a secure, easy-to-use method of tracking time? The best choices for your company fit your budget, are intuitive for managers and employees to use, and reliable in the tracking and generating of time on reports. For many companies, a solution like TimeClick, a time tracking system used by over 6,000 small to medium sized businesses, is the most beneficial method for keeping their employee times. Starting at only $99 as a one-time payment for the software, TimeClick easily and accurately tracks employee times. As a way to prevent and end time theft and save thousands of dollars of your gross annual payroll costs, companies like TimeClick are always eager to help you improve your business function.

Simple clocking in and out processes allow your employees to focus on what is most important in their jobs. Simple payroll steps allow you to spend precious time on other matters improving your business. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable software solution, contact InfoServ today to get started on your way to bettering your time tracking.

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