Keep x-Employee Email Account Alive

Did you know that email messaging has been around for almost fifty years?

When I was a young lad in college I was very shy when it came to women.  I was working as an intern computer programmer.  There was a gorgeous redhead working in the operations side.  One day I finally got the nerve to send her an email message, “want to go to lunch with me?”  Surprisingly, she replied, “Sure.”  Thirty-six years later I can still call her my favorite redhead and first (and only) wife!

What surprises me about business email is twofold:

  1. Some business let employees use personal email addresses for business.  If you have paid any attention to the news the past few years you can see what a mess that can create.  When an employee uses a personal email address you loose control over those messages.  You can’t intercept those messages if the employee leaves the company.  They still have direct contact with your suppliers, creditors, and customers.
  2. The second is when an employee leaves the company and uses a company email address, the IT administrator terminates the email address.   This basically cuts contact with suppliers, creditors, and customers!  Instead, forward all email messages to someone else in the company and auto-reply to the sender the new contact information for another employee.

Keep the lines of communications open and flowing freely.

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