Managing Online Passwords

The old saying goes, “Pick a password that is easy to remember, but hard to guess.”  Well, that worked great in the old days, but today’s hackers are much more sophisticated.  What if I hold you that I have no idea, no idea what so ever, what my online passwords are?   No clue!

This is an example of what one of them might be: 1wBuqfZy5k7bKBpq0hGQ.  How do you like this one: &02AvBoqYiBa!a%46Gdr ?  Easy to remember?  Nope.  Hard to guess?  You bet.

Each online account I access has a different, unique, cryptic password similar to these.  So how does one manage dozens of different passwords?  I use a password manager.  With the password manager you have one password to get into the password manager, and the manager takes care of all the others.  Now, that password needs to be long, yet something that you can remember.  A good password might be something like “iwouldLOVEtovisitalaskaagain”.  Simple enough?

There are several password managers available with varying degrees of sophistication and costs.  The one I use is free unless you use some of the upper level features.  Take a look at as an example of what you can do.  There are many on the market.  Do your research and pick the one that is right for you and your organization.

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