InfoServ #1 in Sales 2017

We’re number one!  Actually, our clients are number one!

In 2017, InfoServ sold more Passport Software, Inc. products and services than any other dealer on the planet.  While I’m not trying to toot my own horn, well maybe I am, it takes a team effort to do this.

Nancy Hawley in support takes care of our clients needs when it comes to support, installations, upgrades, and training.  Our programmer customizes the software to make it work specifically the way you want it to work.  The team in support at Passport backs us 100%. The programmers at Passport work tirelessly to deliver a quality product to your desk.  And finally, the management at Passport listen to their dealer base and customers to fine tune the product with added features that benefit your business.

From John Miller, President of Passport Software:

“I would like to thank you and your InfoServ team for your commitment to Passport Software; and congratulate you on leading all of the Passport Partners in sales for 2017!

Your dedication and efforts enrich your clients who receive personal attention from your whole team of consultants.  InfoServ is also Passport’s top Partner for manufacturing solution sales.  Your decades of experience in retail, wholesale, services, and now manufacturing make you a rare and truly gifted advisor to your clients as well as to Passport. And thank you for always bringing insight and wisdom to the Passport Board of Advisors meetings and for your contributions to Passport and the Passport Partner Community.”

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