Daily Internet Threats

Every day, someone tries to breach the security of a network somewhere.  Every single day.  So, how do you, a small business person, battle this onslaught?

I can recommend a few ideas for you.  First and foremost is to keep your software and systems updated.

Windows has a setting to automatically download and install updates from Microsoft.  On workstations, I recommend letting the computer automatically download and install the update.  For servers, it is best to let Windows automatically download the updates, but YOU decide when those updates get installed.

Keep your Internet security software up to date.  If yours does not automatically download and install updates daily, you are using the wrong system!  Malware is released constantly throughout the day and if you don’t update the databases at least once per day, you are doing too little to protect yourself.

Also, if your router and firewall are over three or four years old, it is time to replace those as well.

Contact your local information technology solutions provider to implement these ideas.

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