Lock Your Windows Workstation

Isn’t Windows wonderful?

You can start your day with checking email messages.  Then, open PBS and research a payment or bill, or check an employee’s pay rate.  After doing that, you can open a browser and verify your bank account balance, then open your contact manager to retrieve an email address.  Within a few minutes, you might have a half dozen, or more, applications running at a time!

Isn’t Windows wonderful?

If your system is running securely, you entered a password to open each of those applications, right?  But now, you need to leave your desk for a few minutes.  Do you leave all of those secure applications open—for prying eyes?  Do you shut down all applications before you walk away?

Try this little know feature.  Hold down the window key, while the key is still depressed, press the “L”ock key. This will cause Windows to logout; however, all of the applications are still running in the background.  When you return to your desk, just log into Windows.


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