PBS – Financial Series

Accounts Payable
Keep accurate information on vendor, supplier, and standard costs by tracking payment due dates, available discounts, and money owed to creditors.

Accounts Receivable
Tracks money owed by customers. Identifies delinquent bills and helps improve cash flow. Creates quotes, standard bills, and detailed invoices with unlimited notes tom communicate products delivered and services rendered in detail.

General Ledger
Categorizes and summarizes accounting data. The General Ledger rovides comprehensive information for financial analysis and control. Custom-designed financial statements show profit or loss, assets, liabilities, and equity.

Maintains employee data, calculates taxes, handles deductions and prints payroll checks. Payroll eliminates the process of manually preparing tax information.

Payroll Direct Deposit
Generates the ACH formatted files, provides additional information on the Direct Deposit Register, including Trace Number & Pre-Notification. Payroll Direct Deposit allows employees to have their paycheck deposited directly into their own bank – no more trips to the bank to deposit their paychecks.

Check Reconciliation
Maintains checkbooks, tracks deposits, and reconciles checking accounts. Provides instant access to account information and eliminates manual reconciliation procedures.

Professional Time & Billing
Designed for professional service firms who bill for services on the basis of time. Track how valuable staff time is spent, monitor client expenses, print invoices and statements, collect receivables and print vital management reports to help better analyze the productivity and profitability of your business.

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