Passport Software Announces Microsoft SQL version of PBS

November 2011

Passport Software, Inc., developer of Passport Business Solutions™ (PBS™), announces the release of PBS for Microsoft SQL Server® at their largest ever channel partner conference.

“This PBS SQL arrival is huge.This puts us back on the map”, said one attendee.

From another: “I look forward to bringing the newest Passport advances to our clients and to adding some new ones to the list!”

“With SQL, your data access is limited only by your imagination!” said Royce Cannon, Strategic Solutions Inc.

“Our gratitude goes out to our Passport Partners – they made this a really terrific meeting”, says John Miller, Passport’s president.

Since 1983, Passport Software, Inc. has provided superior accounting and business solutions that are reliable, easy to use, and offer great value. Windows, UNIX, and Linux versions are available for manufacturing, distribution, and retail environments. Passport has thousands of software installations and a North American and Caribbean network of partners who offer product installation, implementation, and support as well as a host of add-on solutions covering a variety of industries.

Robin Forde
Marketing Services
Passport Software, Inc.
181 Waukegan Road, Ste 200
Northfield, IL 60093
1(800)969-7900 x129

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Kevin L. Bruner appointed to Passport Partner Advisory Board

Kevin L. Bruner

Kevin L. Bruner, President of InfoServ, Inc. has been selected to serve on the Passport Partner Advisory Board.

John Miller, President of Passport Business Solutions (link) said, “Kevin has consistently provided a very high quality of service and support to his clients for decades. I am very happy that he has accepted a position on the Passport Partner Advisory Board to help me to plan our future direction. Kevin provides great insight about the needs of entrepreneurs in building successful businesses and I know that will benefit Passport and, therefore, all our customers.”

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Computer & Electronics Recycling Event

For businesses and residents in western Kentucky and southwest Indiana  InfoServ, Inc.  is sponsoring an electronics recycling event in honor of Earth Day.  On Friday April 22, 2011 InfoServ will accept your old, worn out and outdated computers, monitors, point-of-sale devices, scanners,  printers, fax machines, telephone systems, copiers, game consoles, etc. for recycling. *

Technology, you can’t conduct business without it, but what do you do with all the old technology that you can’t use any longer?  Does your storage room look like a technology graveyard?  How much does it cost to store all of that old equipment?

To determine your storage costs, measure the square footage used to store the equipment, then divide that number by the square footage of your office or building space. Now, multiply that number by your monthly lease payment. That is what it costs you to store all of that stuff!

An example: two computers, three old style monitors, assorted printers and keyboards might take up 20 square feet. If your store or office is 2,000 square feet, 1% is used to store, well, junk. Assuming your monthly lease is $833.00 you are paying $8.33 to store, well, junk. That’s $1,000 over a 10 year period!! Your numbers might be quite a bit higher than this example.

Let’s clean out that graveyard and put that space to more productive use. But, what do you do with the old equipment? You can’t simply toss it in the dumpster because it contains potentially harmful substances. For example, an old style CRT contains approximately 8 pounds of lead. Many local and state governments ban this equipment from their landfills.

InfoServ, in conjunction with an EPA certified technology recycling center, can take your old equipment, destroy the data stored on the devices if desired, and properly recycle the equipment in an environmentally friendly method. All devices will be completely recycled in accordance to EPA rules and regulations. Almost every ounce will be reused in future new products!

On Friday April 22, 2011 only, we will accept these devices at no charge to you.  The catch?  Well there is a catch; you have to get the devices to our offices at 3520 New Hartford Road, Owensboro, Kentucky, 42303.  Map

If you would like to have the hard drives and the data contained on those hard drives destroyed we have a fee of $10.00 per drive.  That’s a bargain to know the data will be kept out of the hands of criminals, thefts and thugs.  The hard drive will be run through a shredder–just like a giant paper shredder!  Only tiny little pieces will remain!

We all have a bunch of these old devices lying around taking up valuable space.  Let’s get the devices recycled and put that space to better use.

This is our second annual electronics recycling event.  Last year we recycled 6,112 pounds.  Our goal this year is 20,000 pounds!

Questions? Send an email to or call (270) 926-2567 ext 3.


* NOTE: Televisions have no recycling value; however, we can also recycle these for a fee of $10 each.

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